Timber Windows

Clennett’s supplies high-end quality timber windows and doors.

Our custom-made product is of the highest quality at an affordable price. We source our hardware and glass from Australian suppliers and manufacturers.

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Why Timber?

Timber is a natural product that is carbon positive, unlike other framing materials:

  • Aluminum requires massive amounts of electricity to produce and is carbon negative
  • PVC is derived from the Petro-Chemical Industry – it’s not only carbon negative but poor use of a dwindling resource.

When you chose timber, the carbon in the timber is locked in forever, we choose only timber that is sourced from managed renewable forests in Victoria and Tasmania and the timber does not come from ancient or old-growth forests; this provides jobs and economic gains in small communities not a big business on far-flung shores.

Timber is also a natural insulator and poor conductor, it gives you performance ratings even before you decide on glazing, unlike aluminium.

Lastly, there is the look; place a timber window against any of its competitors and there is no comparison, the natural beauty of timber can be accentuated by staining or lacquer and if you change your mind on the colour, that’s easy too, try painting aluminium or PVC!


Awnings – Top hung using either, hook hinges or non-friction stays and fitted with chain-winders and keyed or non-keyed.

Casements – Side-hinged and fitted with sill mounted truth hardware and latches, hardware can be fitted to jamb if required.

Double Hung – Top and bottom sashes slide up and down using any of these systems: Jambliners, Spiral Balances, Counter-balances, Weights ‘n Cord.

Bifold Windows – Multifold sashes to act as a servery and side-hinged with drop bolts to secure in closed position.

Sliding Windows – Timber sliding sashes in several options – 2/panel, 3/panel or 4/panel.

Sashless Windows – Timber framed with two panes of glass overlapping and sliding up and down past each other.

Louvres Windows – Timber framed and with blades of glass fitted into a channel/gallery installed onto the styles.

Supply & Fit

Ask us about our supply and fit option, contact our Trade specialists today.

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