Knauf Plasterboard

Knauf Plasterboard

Great spaces begin with the sturdy walls and ceilings that surround them.

Knauf supplies a range of lightweight and cost-effective plasterboard with various properties such as fire, water, sound, impact and mould resistance to help you create, design and build.

Select from SHEETROCK® Plasterboard, fit-for-purpose technical boards and multi-performance linings to suit your application needs.

SHEETROCK® Plasterboard

SHEETROCK® wall and ceiling boards are up to 15% lighter than Knauf Standard Core Plasterboards and offer light and easy installation, easy score and snap and superior sag resistance. Certified by GECA and may contribute to Green Star Points.

Knauf SHEETROCK® Plasterboardis recognised as the leading product in innovation, quality and effectiveness as well as the fit to market need.

Technical Boards

Knauf supplies various technical plasterboard types with individual properties such as sound, water, fire and impact resistance as well as flexible board.

Specifically formulated for a wide variety of applications including studios and quiet living areas; curved walls & ceilings, lobbies and stairwells; lift shafts; hospital x-ray, laboratories and corridors; fire isolation for residential and industrial buildings; and water-resistance in wet areas including bathrooms, kitchens, gymnasiums and indoor swimming pools.

Multi-Application Boards

Knauf has a complete range of multi-application plasterboards; covering resistance properties including impact, water, fire, mould, sound absorption. View our full range below and find the right plasterboard for your requirements.

Should you want to find a supplier you can use our Where to Buy feature, or alternatively speak to a specialist via our Contact Knauf feature.

Water-Resistant Plasterboard
  • Cost effective and time saving on tight project schedules.
  • Lightweight, easy to handle and easy score and snap cutting method.
  • Available in combination with Fire, Sound, Impact and Mould resistant options.
  • Same thickness, less waste. Same tile weight capacity of fibre cement.

Australia’s specialist building materials supplier, servicing construction industry professionals within Australia.

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