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Luvia has become best known for its high-quality timber cladding and wooden floorboards.

Luvia’s extensive, high-quality selection of timber products includes sawn Redwood and Whitewood timber, surface-treated interior and exterior panelling, outdoor timber cladding as well as numerous other planed products.

Wright Forest Products and Luvia market A-level Quality weatherboards, timber flooring and lining. The Luvia brand is regarded as one of the premium brands available in Australia. Economical “B/C” qualities are available at extremely competitive prices.

Their products range in the common size of 175mm & 225mm, round edge or square edge profiles and various timber finishes include; Pre-primed, Natural, Impregnated and TopCoated.

Innovation continues with the release of the following new products in stock and available for immediate delivery;

Permapine T2 Primed Weatherboards Impregnated and Termite Treated for a new level of protection.

Permapine TopCoat Weatherboards Impregnated and Termite Treated double-coated with base primer and semi-gloss white topcoat.

Luvian Saha Oy is one of the biggest private sawmills in Finland, producing premium wood products for international markets.

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