EchoPanel Interior Lining

EchoPanel Interior Lining

EchoPanel® is a decorative panel substrate offering improved acoustic performance with a fabric-like finish.

Invented and launched by Woven Image in 2004, EchoPanel® is the original decorative interior panelling solution, with acoustic qualities and eco-innovation at its core.

EchoPanel® reduces and controls reverberated noise in shared environments, making it ideal for use in a variety of commercial interior spaces including workplace, education and hospitality environments.

It is a streamlined product with a fabric-like finish, designed with dematerialisation in mind. Once it’s been installed, there is no need to upholster, paint or protect it.

Pioneering the war against single-use plastic, EchoPanel® production uses post-consumer recycled PET bottles to create a superior upcycled product with a vast array of interior applications.


EchoPanel® offers the largest colour palette on the market. The solid colour remains consistent throughout the thickness of the panel, so you can cut, create and install without the need for edging or capping.

EchoPanel® also boasts an extensive range of inspiring prints and precision cut designs, making it the go-to brand for creative Architects and Interior Designers.

Offered in three panel thicknesses; 7mm, 12mm and 24mm. The 7mm and 12mm thicknesses are available in larger panel sizes (2800mm x 1200mm1) to allow for a seamless floor-to-ceiling application.


Controlling reverberated noise is a crucial factor in creating comfortable and productive environments, be it a professional workplace, learning environment, social setting or retail space.

EchoPanel® is optimised for acoustic performance and has been independently tested, in accordance with AS ISO 354 – 2006. Sound performance indices have been calculated in accordance with AS ISO 11654 – 2002, with NRC and SAA defined by ASTM C423.


EchoPanel® has undergone many forms of industry testing and complies with some of the world’s highest mandatory standards.

Its fire-retardant properties have been developed
so that it is an excellent performer in the safety arena. It holds first-class ratings in Australasian and International markets, achieving a Group 1 rating in the ‘ISO 9705’ full-scale room fire test. EchoPanel® 12mm has also been awarded a valuable ‘GB 8624 B1 level’, and the internationally recognised ‘BS EN 13501.1: Classification B-s1, d0’.


EchoPanel® is durable, lightweight, and easy to cut and install, making it ideal for a multitude of wall, ceiling and free-standing interior applications. Frequent installations include:

  • Wall panelling: direct fix installation or create an air gap for greater acoustic performance.
  • 1 Manufacturing tolerances apply 2 Visit wovenimage.com
  • Feature wall tiling2.
  • Ceiling applications: direct fix, suspended systems or baffles.
  • Workstations: its slender, pinnable nature enables it to be used as a double-sided division in a workstation.
  • Free-standing partitioning systems2: ideal in the 24mm thickness.
  • Hanging pendents2: for dividing space with privacy and acoustic control.

In-house design for custom printing and precision cutting projects offers endless possibilities when it comes to creating a bespoke designer look.

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