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Choose from Knauf’s extensive range of high-quality and consistent jointing compounds, adhesives and other plaster-based products to transform your plasterboard joints into one seamless surface.

A range of plaster-based adhesives suitable for installing cornices, bonding plasterboard to masonry surfaces and back-blocking ceiling and wall joints. Knauf also supplies a water-based stud adhesive for bonding plasterboard to timber and metal studs.


The surface texture and porosity between interior panels/boards and joint compounds are different. Priming is used to provide a more uniform and consistent texture across wall and ceiling surfaces, allowing for final decoration with paint.

Jointing Compounds

Select from an extensive range of Knauf Joint Compounds including Bedding & Base, Finishing, All-Purpose, Patching and Skim Compounds. Ensure durability and strength in your wall and ceiling joints by using the recommended Knauf 3 coat joint system.

Joint Tapes

SHEETROCK® Paper Joint Tape is a high tensile strength paper tape to deliver strong, reliable wall joints that resist cracking, stretching, wrinkling and tearing under tools. Suitable for use with our extensive range of joint compounds to reinforce joints.

Specialty Plasters

Knauf has a range of Specialty Plasters ideal for applications ranging from plaster craft replications, casting of molds for dental and ceramic products to skim compounds designed to provide a smooth, tough finish over masonry surfaces.

Australia’s specialist building materials supplier, servicing construction industry professionals within Australia.

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