The MasterWall Insulated External Wall System is designed to provide a long-lasting, energy-efficient, weather-tight building envelope with architectural integrity and excellent performance credentials.

MasterWall offers designers the ability to create without compromise and builders to construct quickly, effectively and economically whilst reducing the carbon footprint of the building. That’s why MasterWall is the leading choice of Australian homeowners, builders, architects and designers.

MasterWall polystyrene wall cladding is an external lightweight, fibreglass reinforced, insulating wall cladding system that has been specifically developed to meet Australian conditions. It is based on proven technology used extensively throughout Europe and North America for more than 60 years (also commonly referred to as EIFS – External Insulation Finishing Systems).

The complete system includes the application of approved acrylic render systems, frame wraps, trims, sealants and opening flashings that combine to create a lightweight, weather-tight building envelope.

The MasterWall system has passed rigorous testing to achieve CodeMark accreditation and Bushfire Attack Level – BAL 29 and a Cyclonic C4 Rating.

No other wall cladding product can claim such a wide range of benefits including – energy efficiency, design flexibility and economy.

Premium quality insulated external wall cladding systems to achieve contemporary finishes and a weather-tight building envelope.

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