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Effective ventilation can increase comfort, productivity and energy efficiency at a workplace or other commercial buildings. A well-designed ventilation system can reduce heat, condensation and exhaust pollutants. We have a range of products to suit commercial office buildings, warehouses, swimming pools and refrigerated warehouses to sewerage treatment plants and pipes. The key benefits of commercial ventilation are:

Safe Working Environment

Heat will build up in your roof space in summer and can at times reach 70°C. Bradford Ventilation removes the heat and replaces it with cooler, purer ambient air. This helps reduce the load on air conditioning, particularly when used alongside ducting, increasing energy efficiency.

Protect Equipment and its Performance

Capital equipment should be used in normal operating temperatures to provide the best performance and can be subject to failure in high humidity areas. Removing humidity from the air can reduce failures in electronic and mechanical equipment.

Air Quality and Pollutants

In an unventilated industrial environment, pollutants such as carbon monoxide emitted by gas forklifts can be particularly harmful. Bradford Ventilation commercial systems exhaust pollutants indoor air and increase overall air quality.

Why Bradford Ventilation?

Bradford Ventilation has been the leader in ventilation for over 80 years thanks to our commitment to continuous technological innovation. Our products are developed and manufactured right here in Australia and exported all around the world. We are part of CSR, one of Australia’s most respected companies with the resources to ensure we stay at the forefront of commercial and industrial ventilation technologies.

  • Australian manufacturer
  • Leader in ventilation systems
  • Committed to delivering innovation
  • Best quality products
  • ISO 9001 manufacturer

At Bradford Ventilation, we offer total system solutions for commercial, residential and industrial buildings that increase energy efficiency and comfort. We have the widest range of ventilation products available in Australia, with over 80 years of manufacturing, research and product development experience. Our products work with a wide variety of building materials to reduce heat build-up and manage condensation under floors, in living areas, and roof spaces, creating purer healthier air.

Total ventilation system solutions for commercial, residential and industrial buildings that increase energy efficiency and comfort.

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