MasterWall Skyline

Masterwall Skyline replaces unsightly metal capping on parapets and balcony heads.

Removing the requirement for traditional metal parapet capping, this new and innovative ‘capless system features an advanced waterproof membrane able to withstand harsh Australian conditions.

By replacing metal capping with a renderable and flexible butyl membrane over the head of the parapet wall, the Skyline System gives architects and designers the opportunity to create a continuous, monolithic finish on parapets and balcony heads with no ugly metal capping visible at the skyline of the building.

Skyline seamlessly integrates with both the MasterWall and K-Series External Cladding Systems to provide a completely new and total weatherproof solution with a choice of architectural render finishes.

Premium quality insulated external wall cladding systems to achieve contemporary finishes and a weather-tight building envelope.

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