Abelwood Tasmanian Oak Hardwood Flooring

More architects, builders and designers choose Abelwood Tasmanian Oak hardwood flooring because of its durability, consistent grain and natural blond tones.

The timeless natural beauty of Tasmanian Oak floors provides a liveability and character which brings both old and new homes to life. NSFP pride themselves on the appearance and finishing qualities of their floorboards, without compromising on strength and stability. Timber floors are easy to clean, allergy-friendly and keep rooms warm in winter and cool in summer.

Tasmanian Oak is light in colour, varying from straw to reddish brown with intermediate shades of cream to pink, and provides excellent staining and finishing qualities, which allow ready matching with other timbers, finishes or furnishings. 

When laying floorboards directly onto floor joists or battens or over a solid sub-floor, NSFP Tasmanian Oak Uninail 19mm Flooring offers an ideal 19mm thick tongue & groove, sustainable hardwood flooring, end-matched to allow jointing between joists and to reduce wastage. 

Or if laying directly over a solid sub-floor, NSFP Tasmanian Oak Overlay Flooring provides a high quality 12mm thick, tongue and groove, plain-ended sustainable hardwood timber flooring product. 

Abelwood Classic overlay hardwood flooring features natural characteristics such as gum veins, small gum pockets, knots and streaks throughout the timber. Classic occurs in lower quantities naturally and therefore is much more sought after. The timber is finished to highlight its natural features and creates a floor that is truly distinctive and one of a kind.

Abelwood Prime overlay hardwood flooring features a clear and consistent grain, with minimal occurrences of natural features. Prime provides a uniform look and is finished to highlight variable grain patterns to enhance the overall look of the timber when laid. 

Features and Benefits
  • Sourced from sustainably managed Tasmanian regrowth forests.
  • 100% chain of custody, AFS and PEFC certified.
  • Consistent grain and natural blonde tones
  • Available in popular designer profiles
  • Ideal for staining.

Advanced processors of sustainable regrowth forest and wood products in Australia – flooring, lining, mouldings and dressed timber.

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