RAB Board

Smart facade design is key when it comes to protecting a building from the elements.

Finding a balance between water and condensation management, air-tightness and non-combustibility can be challenging – particularly when it comes to designing taller and more complex facades. This is why a solution that offers protection and peace of mind is the only way to overcome poor building performance and reduced comfort levels for occupants.

RAB Board is a 6mm specialised fibre cement rigid air barrier that can be used beneath cladding, providing added protection against the elements. This panel is sealed with James Hardie’s innovative CoreShield™ penetrating sealer technology, keeping water, air and wind out, while allowing moisture vapour to easily escape. Easy to install and can be exposed for up to 180 days before installing the cladding.

At James Hardie, our products and people are here to make your commercial projects come to life. Whether it’s a multi-story apartment building, a school, a public building or an aged care facility, James Hardie products aim to save time, space and deliver on design ambition. With a focus on testing and performance, we ensure our products are fit for purpose, easy to install and last the test of time.

Australian manufacturer of fibre cement — Scyon external cladding, interior lining, flooring and eaves products for house and commercial use.

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