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Effective ventilation is an important way to create a more comfortable, energy-efficient and healthier home. Removing heat in summer, controlling moisture and encouraging fresh air into your home will help create a better environment for your family. The key benefits of ventilation are:

Temperature Control

Heat will build up in your roof space in the Australian summer and can at times reach 70°C. Bradford Ventilation removes this heat, replacing it with cooler ambient air. Roof space ventilation systems can also be used to decrease reliance and increase efficiency on air conditioning units, therefore saving energy.

Moisture Management

Moisture in your home can be a destructive force, causing wood rot and encouraging mould and mildew. These in turn can trigger asthma and allergies. Bradford Ventilation roof and sub-floor ventilators expel moist air helping to protect the integrity of your home and the health of your family.

Air Quality

There is nothing like a breath of fresh air, but many homes aren’t designed to allow fresh air to circulate easily. Bradford Ventilation roof vents, ceiling grilles and air transfer systems work to help encourage fresh air into the areas of your home where it is most beneficial.

Why Bradford Ventilation?

Bradford Ventilation has been the leader in home ventilation for over 80 years thanks to our commitment to continuous technological innovation. Our products are proudly developed and manufactured right here in Australia and exported all around the world. We are part of CSR, one of Australia’s most respected companies with the resources to ensure we stay at the forefront of providing exceptional air quality in the home.

  • Australian manufacturer
  • Leader in ventilation systems
  • Committed to delivering innovation
  • Best quality products
  • ISO 9001 manufacturer

At Bradford Ventilation, we offer total system solutions for commercial, residential and industrial buildings that increase energy efficiency and comfort. We have the widest range of ventilation products available in Australia, with over 80 years of manufacturing, research and product development experience. Our products work with a wide variety of building materials to reduce heat build-up and manage condensation under floors, in living areas, and roof spaces, creating purer healthier air.

Total ventilation system solutions for commercial, residential and industrial buildings that increase energy efficiency and comfort.

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