Steel-Line Commercial & Industrial Doors

Steel-Line offers a range of commercial and industrial closures in partnership with Arco Architectural Systems that combine strength, security and reliability.

We offer high-quality products, exceptional customer service and real value for money within the commercial and industrial space.

Our products are typically customised to suit project-specific criteria. In particular, roller shutters and roller grilles are usually individually designed to suit architectural, ventilation and aesthetic requirements.

Steel-line and Arco Architectural Systems assist in all stages of the construction process – from design specifications through to estimating, project management, supervision of the installation and efficient after-sales service.

Commercial Doors
  • Slimline Aluminium Shutter
  • Mikado Multi Folding Door
  • Arcade 2 Aluminium Roller Shutter
  • Arcade 3 Aluminium Roller Shutter
  • Clear Roller Shutter
  • Arco Fold / Arco Stack
Industrial Doors
  • Stadium Aluminium Roller Grille
  • Q100/Q75 Steel Roller Shutter
  • A1500 Counterweight Balanced Door
  • A3000 Foldaway Counterweight Balanced Door
  • A1000 Tilt Up Counterweight Balanced Door
  • A2000 Hingeway Counterweight Balanced Door
  • A4000 Counterweight Balanced Door
  • A5000 Vertical Lift Counterweight Balanced Door
  • Sliding Gate / Swing Gate
  • Fire Shutter / High Speed Doors

Steel-Line have been makers and inventors of garage doors in Australia for over 40 years.

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