Cemintel Surround Cladding

Cemintel Surround Cladding

From external facades to interior surfaces, Surround is a reinterpretation of cladding as we know it.

The sophistication of Surround is not just in the way it looks.

No longer a basic material, fibre cement is becoming more sophisticated through its manufacturing technique and how it is used in construction. As land becomes more scarce and more valuable, buildings will continue to get higher and lightweight materials, like fibre cement, are needed.

Surround creates a new way of looking at how we design buildings that are lightweight and safe, and that’s exciting.

The Cemintel Surround™ range responds to the preference for high performance, lightweight materials and the desire for buildings to enhance the environment where we live.

With a core range of expertly curated neutral colours and discrete patterns, Surround allows buildings to look as one within their environment. Manufactured in Europe and prefinished, this range works equally well for interior and exterior facades with its sophisticated tactile surfaces, metallic finishes and subtle shades.

Fibre cement and lightweight composite solution specialists, focused on a fresh, intuitive approach to lightweight façades, building solutions and feature walls.

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