Knauf Ceilings

Knauf Ceilings

Knauf is a global leader in the manufacture of suspended ceilings and is recognised as a premier acoustic panel and ceiling tile innovator.

We provide creative building solutions that set new standards for productivity and efficiency, helping contractors and architects deliver high quality and innovative designs.

ASONA Acoustical Range

Knauf is a proud distributor of Asona products. Asona is a specialist manufacturer of acoustic decorative ceiling and wall finishes for the commercial interior market. Asona products feature Sonatex™, an innovative composite acoustical facer used on the Triton™ range of soft fibre ceiling absorbers. Sonatex provides a durable flat white finish, can also be digitally printed, die-cut, perforated and formed into custom products and is an effective impact-resistant tack-able interlayer for these fabric-covered panel products.

Acoustic Panels & Ceiling Tiles

Knauf has a wide range of Acoustic Panels and Ceiling Tiles – from light reflectance to sound reduction, durability to aesthetics, you’ll find the perfect panel or tile for your ceiling projects.

Acoustic Suspension Systems

Knauf acoustic suspension systems assist to reduce sound transfer in relevant building applications such as meeting rooms, private offices and adjacent work areas where privacy is important. 

Our systems are engineered to be quickly installed and removed, potentially saving you time and money on renovations as well as providing one of the strongest seismic resistant systems on the market. Our products are fire and rust-resistant, with great load-carrying capacities for air circulation grilles, light fixtures and acoustic panels. Knauf’s range of ceilings and suspension systems also with high-performance Healthcare Coating offers tough antimicrobial protection while allowing you to choose the ceiling design you want

Metal Ceilings

The new metal ceilings range offers unique design elements and flexibility to commercial spaces.


Knauf’s new Ensemble™ Monolithic Acoustical Plasterboard Ceiling System unites aesthetics with acoustics for a seamless and sound design choice.

Drywall Suspension Systems

Among the varied ceiling products that Knauf distribute are Rondo’s metal suspension products for suspended ceilings such as the primary and secondary supports, top fixings, hangers along with the panels/tiles or plasterboard to make up the ceiling surface. 

Rondo’s XPRESS® Drywall Grid System cleverly merges with Rondo’s DONN® Brand exposed grid systems, enabling plasterboard or other materials to be screw fixed to the Drywall Grid; interconnecting to provide various transition options from acoustical to plasterboard ceilings in the same plane. Knauf’s Wall to Wall System also eliminates or minimises the amount of suspension that may otherwise be necessary, potentially saving you time and money on the job.

Australia’s specialist building materials supplier, servicing construction industry professionals within Australia.

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