Woodsmith Engineered Flooring

Woodsmith Engineered Flooring

Woodsmith Engineered Flooring is manufactured from sustainable regrowth eucalypt hardwood, which possesses a rare natural beauty and is expertly milled, ensuring waste is minimised and the yield maximised.

An innovative product with a consistent grain

The straight, consistent grain and 165mm flooring profile creates a sense of expansiveness and organic flow for a myriad of interior applications.

Woodsmith’s Tasmanian Oak engineered flooring is highly receptive to staining, resulting in a wide range of refined, contemporary colours.

State of the art production techniques ensure a product that is hard-wearing, highly resistant to foot traffic and everyday living.

Huon Trail

Tasmanian Oak in its purest form is a pale timber with a rustic charm that provides a timelessly elegant aesthetic.

Cradle Sky

Cradle Sky’s classic, soft blonde undertone, with a twist of cool sophistication, offsets bolder accents to create a gentle ambience.

Freycinet Morning

With its chic, modern tone, Freycinet Morning is perfect for a stylish industrial aesthetic and can be creatively matched with a host of contemporary furnishings and finishes.

Tamar Mist

Tamar Mist has an understated, contemporary beauty, with a refined tone variance that assures versatility in any application.

Derwent Breeze

The timeless blonde of the natural oak is highlighted by Derwent Breeze, creating a sense of light to interior atmospheres.

Shannon Rise

This traditional, rich stain has a luxe character that is endlessly versatile and compliments both classic and contemporary architecture.

Advanced processors of sustainable regrowth forest and wood products in Australia – flooring, lining, mouldings and dressed timber.

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